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by on May 11th, 2009

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The world thrives on entrepreneurship, in business, art, science and even spirituality. All the great names written in history, famous or infamous, were of entrepreneurs. Those who felt compelled to do more and better.

But what lies at the core of that complex and elusive quality in life? In the heart of the entrepreneur lies conflict, a never-ending struggle between what is and what could be. An everlasting urge to do more, to do better. It’s a gift, for it propels you to better yourself and what you do. It is a curse because a true entrepreneur will never feel comfortable, his urge will never leave him alone, it dictates a self-imposed fate that they must fulfill.

This is specially true for those who, because of fear or doubt, try to escape this voice of fate. The entrepreneurial urge will not give them peace, it will slowly drain them of their spirit until they heed the call or until they succeed in ignoring it. Those who succeed at ignoring the call will be rewarded with a feeling of unaccomplishment and a subtle sadness because of what, for their will, never was.

You, you feel this urge, don’t wait a moment more. Every second you ignore your entrepreneurial spirit is a second you feel you die a bit inside.

Lets not be naive, entrepreneurship’s other name is greed but greed is what makes us better as individuals, as communities and as a species. Greed is neither inherently bad nor good, it is simply a drive for more, for better. When pointed inward greed is destructive, those who want power for the sake of power, those who amass money to measure self worth. Successful as they may be, these characters are never satisfied with what they take. When pointed outward greed becomes be the most constructive force of mankind. It is the urge to give more, to do more, to make things better, not only for ourselves, but for our community, whichever that may be.

The entrepreneurial spirit is destined to chase a moving target, a never-ending uphill battle against itself. Those who use their urge selfishly will forever feel like they are losing the battle, successful as they may be, they can only derive fleeting contentment from their physical gains. Those who use their greed to serve will discover that their entrepreneurial spirit derives happiness from the wellness and betterment they leave behind in their journey.

In the end though, no fate is worse than those who never dared follow the call.

Not everyone is an entrepreneur and the reason for that is an entirely different subject but for those who are, and you know who you are, the message is clear: follow the call, fulfill your self-imposed destiny, pursue happiness in your journey and never, ever, give up.

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  • Aprende a emprender October 13, 2009

    Aprende a emprender…

    Gracias por la información. Quería comentar que montar un negocio en internet es mucho más sencillo de lo que se suele pensar. Solo hace falta una buena idea, aunque no sea original y llevarla a cabo. De hecho basarse en ideas que ya existen y aport…

  • Abraham-chik June 6, 2010

    Yes, greed is the ultimate power as well as our greatest misfire. I think that humility and dedication are greatly needed in order tu pursue a great happiness, not necessarily the best you could get, but deep down the road, one may see that perfection is overrated.

  • ?? ?? ?? November 6, 2013

    ??? ??

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