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by on Jun 4th, 2010

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It has been months since the last post on Ivanismo, I’ve missed it a lot. Just a few days ago I left my Job, it was not an unexpected decision, just one that happened a few months sooner than I had expected. I will miss the people and the work I did a lot but the lessons learned and the mistakes made will forever enrich my life.

Without going into unnecessary detail I left my job because I was no longer happy in it and it was turning me into someone I didn’t want to be. It is never, never too early or too late to pursue better things. While I prepare myself to find my next adventure in life I’m retaking focus on my passions: public speaking, storytelling, leadership and problem solving. I’ll be writing a lot on these subjects in the coming days. It is not that I’m exceptionally good at any of these, it’s that I’m captivated by the way they make me feel and the power they can have to change people’s lives.

One cant have happiness without truth and truth is ever-changing, following them takes courage and a little love for chaos. I don’t know about courage but I do love chaos. The journey continues, who’s with me?

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